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Service Packs (SP) and Program Temporary Fixes (PTF) should be maintained in a current status. It is recommended that you check your ACCPAC® software to make sure you have the latest SP’s and PTF’s.

Here’s how to check this:

ACCPAC Advantage Series (Windows)
1. Click on Help
2. Click on System Information
3. Applications -> Version

ACCPAC Plus Series (DOS)
1. Hit F3 key
2. Scroll to ‘List Versions’ ~ Enter

You will find a series of numbers and letters (SP) beside the modules installed. These are the SP’s and PTF’s currently installed. If you discover that you do not have the latest SP’s and PTF’s, then you can either:

1. Download yourself from www.accpac.com (provided you are currently enrolled with ACCPAC SupportPlus Bronze).
2. Contact our office at 604-726-0260 and we will assist you in providing the current SP or PTF.

Service Pack and PTF Lists:
· ACCPAC Advantage Series
· HR
· Insight
· ePOS
· Exchange
· ACCPAC Options

For more information please contact us at info@altitudeinfo.com or phone (604) 598-8480.

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